Text by Julio César Abad Vidal
Text published in the catalog of the exhibition «Volver a fluir», held in Isegoría, Madrid, in 2022

Isabel’s Bildungskunst

The images fashioned by Isabel Carnicer (Madrid, 1958) acquire a delicate and subtle beauty. Devoid of any truculence or drama, they convey – as if by magic– a serene joy. Relatively unknown yet, her career is built on patience and care. Her work thus stands as a soothing balm amidst the dominant framework of the hyper-spectacularized world of contemporary art, as tawdry as it is inane.

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Text by Ignacio Castro Rey
Picón, July 13, 2008

A house in the mist

Acrylic on paper, oil, inks. Broken glass windows, cracked by ice. And the white lines of the torn paper, the borders of the cement that joins the pieces of rubble. The marmoreal and its streaks, bits of life, the message made of fragments. To give mystery back to the world, the murmur of a breeze that turns the walls bearable, we become ragmen of time, weaving and unweaving its minutes. We build little by little another fabric out of the day, returning an erotic innocence to things, the unique infinity of dying things.

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Text by Oliva María Rubio
Madrid October 10, 2006

The creative work of Isabel Carnicer has been developing through time in a slow but reliable manner, achieving a significant maturity and personality in the latest body of work she has carried out during the last five years, a work that might be generically tagged “Layers”. In these works, she is far from the figurative trend of her beginnings, from which she has been gradually moving away in a process of search and maturity,to deal with a fundamentally monochromatic abstract work she develops in layers.

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